University of Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization
The University of AI and Digitalization is an educational institution focused on managing the interaction of Artificial Intelligence with human resources. The University provides a full range of, undergraduate education, vocational education and training, postgraduate education.
Mission statement
The mission of the University of AI and Digitalization is to create a critical mass of well-trained experts in artificial intelligence and digitalization in various fields: law, management, design, finance, etc.

What problems are we solving?
The problem of outdated educational system in the Ukrainian HEIs.
Innovation and technological backwardness of Ukraine.

Our secret ingredient is the binder that
Combines Human Potential with Artificial Intelligence and

Consists of professors with appropriate KPI, in demand degree programs, innovative teaching methods and approaches to the educational process design

In cooperation with the target audience - students aged 15 to 55, we:
· Identify the potential of the individual;
· Provide knowledge and competencies that are in demand in the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions;
· Issue state diplomas / certificates, double degree diplomas (international);
· Build an educational and career trajectory;
· Unite students with employers;
· Employ students.

Purposes of the University of AI and digitalization are:
- to provide access to valuable knowledge, skills and competencies to which classic academic education has limited access;
- to provide programmatic learning outcomes that will help students quickly convert them into real money, monetize and capitalize;
- to combine human potential with artificial intelligence, digitalization and innovation;
- to involve students in the innovative digital process, where opportunities, resources and capital are concentrated;
- to create a critical mass of well-trained experts in artificial intelligence and digitalization in various fields: law, management, design, finance, etc;
- to help students to discover their inner potential, to increase personal "seventh power";
- to provide the creation of innovative educational programs;
- to transform non-formal education into academic program results;
- to encourage teacher staff to become tutors, mentors, coaches, researchers and employers;
- to develop joint educational programs and double degree programs;
- to make a powerful changes in the field of higher education and science in Ukraine.
The conditions for the establishment of the University of AI and Digitalization
What people could only dream of a few decades ago is a reality now: exoskeletons instead of wheelchairs, bionic eyes for the blind, music written by artificial intelligence, processing large databases, a robot vacuum cleaner, smart cities and widespread digitalization.

Progress does not stop still. The atlas of new professions has appeared.
What occupation to choose? What to study? What to look for?
To answer all these questions and help Ukrainians keep up with innovation and progress, the University of Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization was established.
The emergence of neural networks with the possibility of machine learning, which is a practical embodiment of the concept of artificial intelligence, opens space for the emergence of a new technological concept of the educational system.
The above affects the current demands of the labor market, which requires experts to have new competencies and knowledge, and universities - the development of departments that would develop new educational and professional programs using electronic information databases.

The University of Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization is a breakthrough in the field of Ukrainian higher education institutions, which has required great work over the years to establish and license an educational institution. Currently, the development of an educational cluster is not over. It includes: postgraduate education (advanced training), undergraduate education (bachelor's, master's programs), vocational education, professional development training and courses.

Times have changed and so has the approach to the learning process. The pandemic showed that for the first time, basic educational postulates have changed. Teachers have become facilitators instead of knowledge monopolists, while professional computer programs have replaced pen and paper as the main teaching tools.

The University of Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization is open to help not only young people, but also all those who are ready for change, to master the required occupations or to undergo retraining. Our advanced training programs (180 academic hours or 30 hours) are made to create innovative skills, in-demand knowledge and abilities! This quality education will be able to form a critical mass of successful Ukrainians.

University of AI and digitalization
We have combined academic traditions and modern educational technology.
Our goal is to make quality education accessible to everyone.

Striving for innovation, new technologies, great opportunities, bold ideas, collaborations, belief in meritocracy, finding and following one's own mission - all of the above unites students, teachers, tutors, coaches, employers, associations, organizations and other stakeholders on the platform of the University Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization.
The true values for our University are:

People are the highest value for the University of Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization. The human's personality, talents and aspiration for development through knowledge are of the priority. The university is a student-oriented HEI. We also support and create opportunities for other stakeholders, open to all those who disseminate the culture of the University of Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization;
The University of AI and Digitalization presents innovative higher education for progressive students. Educational programs on artificial intelligence, digitalization and innovation are developed and implemented at all levels and aimed to involve students to the most important technologies of the future, where opportunities, capital and resources are concentrated;
Honesty and transparency
Openness, transparency, academic integrity and feedback are fundamental points of the University culture. We create an atmosphere, where all participants in the educational process (students, teachers, staff, administration) adhere to the highest standards of personal integrity and responsibility. The University has defined clear and understandable rules and procedures that regulate the rights and responsibilities of all members. The rules and procedures can be found on this site.
The University of AI and Digitalization offers high-quality education that overcomes the challenges of the new high-tech era. The university creates original educational and professional programs. We adhere to 10 criteria for the quality of education, defined by the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. We adhere to the quality criteria defined by international organizations for the quality of education, in particular: the High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (France); Polish Accreditation Committee (Poland); Finnish Education Evaluation Center (Finland); Agency for Quality Assessment of Higher Education (Belgium) / Agence pour l'Evaluation de la Qualité de l'Enseignement Supérieur (Belgium).

Кушерець Дарина Василівна
ректорка Університету штучного інтелекту та цифровізації, науковець, професорка (доктор юридичних наук, кандидат економічних наук) та освітня менеджерка. Змінотворець системи вищої освіти в Україні.
Вакантні посади
Центр Кар'єри та працевлаштування
Нашою метою є надання допомоги студентам та випускникам University AI
у сфері працевлаштування. Завдяки довготривалому співробітництву з провідними українськими й іноземними компаніями, громадськими організаціями та державними установами, співробітники Центру залучатимуть потенційних роботодавців, а також поширюватимуть відповідну інформацію серед студентів. Співробітництво передбачає - надання повного та часткового працевлаштування, стажування, проходження навчально-виробничої та переддипломної практик, консультації та тренінги.
Співробітництво зі студентами:
+38 (098) 200 9191
Співробітництво з роботодавцями:
+38 (098) 200 9191

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